Meeting with Hassan Abu Ali, member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front of Liberation of Palestine

Beirut, 6 June 2013

What do you think of the Oslo Accords?

From the outset, I was against the Oslo Accords because they did not even set out to achieve the Palestinian people's minimal rights, which includes the right to return. The other condition that we accepted was a step towards establishing a state based on the 1967 borders. But strategically, we promote the establishment of a Palestinian state on the whole historic territory of Palestine. I had addressed this issue at the conference held in Basel, Switzerland.

I should like to impart some truths. Before 1948, Jews, Christians and Muslims lived together in Palestine. And even today, Jews are living in a number of Arab countries, especially in Lebanon, with the highest concentration in the Mashreq region. It should also be said that the Zionist movement has murdered a number of Jews living in Arab countries, especially in Iraq, to push those living there towards emigration. It must also be noted that a number of Jews form part of foreign delegations who attend the commemoration of the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

What can you say about the Palestinian Authority, and how do you assess its activity?

The Palestinian Authority is a framework which does not fully reflect the Palestinian people. We advocate the re-organisation of the representation of the Palestinian people within the framework of the PLO, based on the axis of the slogans that reflect the interests of the Palestinian people.

What does the PLO Charter mean for you?

The Charter was adopted in 1964, but it is still the solution most suited to the interests of the Palestinian people, as it associates all the parties without exception. The proposals it puts forward are the best and easiest to implement, including the formation of a democratic Palestinian State on the whole territory of historic Palestine. It guarantees justice for all, irrespective of their origins or beliefs. It demands the right of all Palestinians to return to their lands and homes.

How do you assess the US administration's ongoing agenda regarding the Palestinian issue?

The current US administration, just like all the successive administrations before it, guarantees the Zionist project by using its veto rights in all circumstances to defend Israel and oppose the rights of the Palestinian people. The US administration has given material, political support to Israel in every possible way.

What do you think of the Arab League?

The Arab League represents political regimes that have nothing in common with the aspirations of Arab people. Today it plays a role directly opposed to their aspirations. It is promoted by the Gulf States, which are the instrument of the US administration and its allies.

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