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This edition of Dialogue comes out a year after the last war waged against the Pal estinian population of the Gaza Strip. While all observers agree that since the cease fire, nothing has managed to be rebuilt, that living conditions for the vast majority of Gaza Strip inhabitants, especially children, get worse every day, Israeli at tacks, whether sporadic or as intense as before, are still on the agenda.

In a letter a reader expressed his consternation at the situation: « Since the Gaza war, I think mainly of resistance but how to resist? Denouncing Zionist crimes appears to me to be a priority, making them widely known, in spite of the media support they get. The idea of one State alone, of the right to return seems to me a far off perspective, an ideal istic debate … whilst people are just at the stage of an everyday fight for survival. However I am conscious of the fact that, in the end, is there any other democratic solution?

The sole aim of Dialogue is to make this discussion possible, within the ranks of the labour and democratic movement as well as at international level. Isn't the daily battle for survival in the Gaza Strip as in West Bank outposts linked to the Palestinians fight within, for the recognition of their rights, to the refugees' vital demand for the right to return? It is the Palestinian people as a whole that is threatened in its very existence by an identical policy of oppression stripping it of its land and possessions. A policy based on lies and manipulation, which as this review recalls, condemns the Jewish population itself to uncertainty as to its most immediate future.

Shaken by the resistance of the Afghan people and mass rejection of its Middle East policy, the American government is increasing pressure on its ally to put a stop to further building of colonies in the West Bank, but this threatens to disturb social peace in Israel. This is the only perspective offered by those intent on maintaining world order as it is today, the only perspective capable of uniting in a Great Middle East, the so called moderate « Arab allies and the Zionist State. At the same time the two main Palestinian political forces are fighting it out to see who will be at the head of the Palestinian Authority, anti chamber of the future rump state. Doesn't holding that only separate development within the framework of two respective States is possible, boil down in the end to defending a racist position, opening the door to populations being further expelled and to territories becoming more and more encircled and cut off ? The so-called Palestinian State will be nothing more than an enormous « Indian Reserve where the right to return for refugees will be just as much forbidden as impossible from a practical point of view. The discussion on solutions, beginning with the democratic solution, is deeply justified by reality on the ground.

Don't the articles published in this edition of Dialogue prove that this debate must be pursued in the widest possible circles?

The Editors

Content :

A year after the Gaza War - Speech at the protest rally
Tel Aviv, January 2, 2010 by Nurit Peled Elhanan
Introduction for Dialogue: Letter to Gordon Brown
by 565 Jews in the UK by Haïm Bresheeth
Interview with single-state and BDS activist Dr. Haidar Eid
Testimony by Daniel Gamzon
Palestine/Israel: A Single State, with Liberty and Justice for All, Regardless of Religion.
by Susan Abulhawa with Ramzy Baroud
Zionist Mythology - Shlomo Sand's « The Invention of the Jewish People »,
by Jacques Werstein
Reader's Letter
Suffocating Gaza, by Jean Pierre Barrois

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