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In the beginning of this month of July 2014, the Palestinian populations of the Left Bank and Gaza Strip are massively hit by a wave of repression. Once again, the Palestinians are the victims of collective punishment. In history, the pretext of the collective responsibility of peoples has always been used to justify the worst crimes. Different institutional rights, the carving up of Palestine in ethnic zones, a fragmentation which some would like to envision as the borderline of a future State, are these not the root cause of the present speeding up of the segregationist drive and threats against the Palestinian people?

Avraham Burg, a former Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, has today lost practically all his illusions. He says: The whole Palestinian society is a kidnapped society... Most of the Israeli who were drafted and served a significant term in the army, have broken into the homes of Palestinian families in the middle of the night and have simply dragged away a father, or a brother or an uncle.... This is kidnapping pure and simple and it happens every day.

Ilan Pappe ,whose most recent article we are publishing in this issue of Dialogue, states that ethnic cleansing ends when it has been fully completed or when it is halted. Peace in Israel and Palestine means halting ethnic cleansing as the prerequisite for any reconciliation.

A kidnapped society, subjected to permanent ethnic cleansing a people taken as hostage, to whom the only future proposed by the major powers, - with the United States for a start - is to institute an open-air prison which will be derisively called a State, or the vision of equal rights for all the peoples living between the Mediterranean and the Jordan? Such is the question. Barbarism or equal rights in a single State, where any form of political, social or religious segregation has been ended? In Palestine as across the world.

A reader writes to us and asks: “ I think it is fundamental to show the reality of the situation, to make it known, in spite of the complicity of media.

The notion of a single State and of the right to return seem to me far-away prospects, an ideological debate, .. while people are simply striving every day to survive. And yet, – this I am aware of – is there any other democratic solution in the long term?

Dialogue review has no other objective than to facilitate this discussion in the labour and democratic movement on the international scale.

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