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To mention Palestine and what's happening today in the State of Israel, to talk about or to write on the subject,using facts that are easily available and yet very largely obscured, leads each and every time back to the same observation: the living conditions of the Palestinian people are worsening ... and their will to survive is increasing.

Zionism, as has been demonstrated again and again here in our columns -- as well as abundantly elsewhere -- is a movement based on the negation of the very existence of the Palestinian people, of the negation of their rights and, therefore, of the leaning towards any direction that might result in establishing them.For these reasons, the mixing of Judaism, Zionism, Israel and Jews all in the same definition, means wiping out any perspective of equality between the different components living in this region, and is part and parcel of Zionist ideology itself.

Today Palestine is witnessing a march towards chaos, marked what's more by the deterioration of social relations among the Jewish population within the State of Israel, who in spite of having benefited from 60 years of the looting of Palestine, is incapable of speaking of the future without speaking of war.The Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, commenting an opinion poll on religious practice within the Israeli State, wrote the following the 29 th January 2012:Israel is not what you thought it is, not what the world thought, not what the Israelis imagine themselves to think. Israeli society is not secular, it is not liberal and it is not enlightened , he says, but is more and more based on dire extremist religious principles... and, whatever Israelis themselves may think, let us emphasize that that is what Gideon Levy thinks.

For some the setting up of two States, i.e. the creation of a Palestinian State (that all plans show would be a State in name only) is necessary to save the State of Israel:that is the position defended by the Labour President Shimon Peres and Tzipi Livni, the President of the Kadima Party (split from the Likud).For others, it is a democratic necessity. However they all end up blocked at the same deadlock, because the creation of a so called Palestinian State could only be founded on the annihilation of the very identity of the Palestinian people, based on the right to return, on the voluntary or forced naturalisation of the refugees there, where they are.It is out of this political deadlock came that the recent proposal to officially turn the West Bank Wall into a border, (which, in reality, it already is).

There are Israeli university professors, politicians and journalists who assert that the two State solution is not only still on the agenda, but that the perspective of a single State is not a solution but a recipe for institutionalised civil war . As if this weren't already the case. humanist facet of the vast and ongoing process of ethnic purification of Palestine, as has been echoed in several articles published here, a process that began with the foundation of the Israeli State, (this policy itself having been a pre-condition for the setting up of this State)?

Our review proposes to pursue discussion, not only on this key issue but also on the analysis of the situation and the drawing up of democratic perspectives.

The Editors

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by Lora Gordon
Persistence of the Palestinian Question ( by Joseph A. Massad)
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