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As the present issue of Dialogue is published, it is quite obvious, with a few days' hindsight, that the resumption of the peace talks resembles the multiple talks resumptions that regularly give the illusion that the efforts made by the ones are met by the stubbornness of the others. But can things be otherwise? Some contributions try to answer this question.

The present issue of Dialogue publishes an important article by Salah Salah, a Palestinian politician, who, as early as the fifties, engaged in the combat for the liberation of Palestine. Among other things, this article shows that, from 1948 to 1978, no less than 56 peace initiatives were taken, to which one should add the dozens that followed. For what result? More misery and sufferings for the Palestinian people, with less and less land; a widening social rift inside the State of Israel; the permanent threat of fresh wars and Israeli brutality. A whole population is jailed, under the constant threat of new massacres, new expulsions. As for the Jewish populations who were the victims (for those who came from Europe) of attempted genocide, they are now being conditioned into insensitive oppressors.

Also, what happened off the Gaza Strip shores last May, just like all the actions of the Hebrew State, is just the culmination of a ruthless rationale, originating in the expulsion of the Palestinians from their lands when the Zionist State was created in 1947-48 and in the various plans that, since then, have, one and all, validated that framework.

The very same rationale is used to justify the arrest and imprisonment of Palestinian activist Ameer Makhoul, who is the leader of a democratic association inside the State of Israel and whose major crime is to be Palestinian and to demand equal rights. The Editorial board of Dialogue review which published an article by Ameer Makhoul in November 2008, joins those who demand the immediate release of political prisoner Ameer Makhoul.

The question of the solutions to the conflict between Zionism and the Palestinian people is more than ever a front of the stage issue. It concerns all the labour and democratic activists the world over. But, we cannot make agreeing with our positions for a single State a prerequisite to the need to immediately engage the widest combat to defend the Palestinian people's democratic liberties. That is why Dialogue has decided to relay and to circulate the call To all the vivid consciences, to all those who hold human rights dear which we publish at the end of this issue. We call on all the readers to endorse it and to circulate it in their circle of friends, relatives and colleagues.

The editorial board.

Contents :

The IMF's plan for the West Bank: A carved up state with no right of return .
Written in Ramallah.
A Shared State in a Shared Homeland. It is time to discard the two-state premise.
By Miko Peled
Israel has Crossed the Rubicon.
By Lynda Brayer.
The Palestinian Arabs who live within the 1948 borders are an integral part of the Palestinian people.
By Nizar Abou Ahmed.
Would the creation of a Palestinian State next to Israel as a Jewish State really be the only possible alternative?i
By François Lazar.
Press Statement by the Family of Ameer Makhoul
We Accuse!
By Janan Abdu and Issam Makhoul.
Letter from Gilboa Prison.
By Ameer Makhoul.
A Single Palestinian State, Secular and Democratic.
By Salah Salah.
A one way trip with no return. The story of an Egyptian Communist Jew
Book presented by Samy Hayon.
An interview of Husam Abed, in charge of the Dafa theatre in the refugee camp of Baqa’a (Jordan).
Interview by Claudine Dauphin.

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